When Creative Juices Run Dry

So you’re feeling a little creatively stuck. Don’t panic! Here are some things you can do to help get things going again:

Move your Body

It does a pretty damn good job of carrying you around this life so take a moment to say “thanks” by moving it with love, attention and care.

We recently invited a fantastic Yin Yoga instructor to our studio to facilitate a session for our whole team. It felt soooo good. We are so used to rushing around and being on the go, yet we still demand top performance from our bodies and brains. Taking an hour out to breathe, and connect with our tired limbs did wonders!

We recommend:

Sona Yoga $1 for 14 days of yoga for new students. That is NOT a typo!

Yoga with Adriene $FREE

Get Outside

Step awayyyy from the desk! There’s no point trying to force ideas out of yourself. Sometimes it’s best to go for a walk, or even better, plan a little day trip to get refreshed and reinspired. If you can spare the time, this option is basically free. So no excuses!

We recommend:

The Bondi to Coogee beach walk $FREE

The Everglades Garden Leura $15 entry

Do Something That Scares You

This may not surprise you that we are going to suggest improvisation classes! Laura has taught improv for years and during that time has worked with directors, actors, writers, musicians, and everyone in between.

Improv is like a work out for your brain – practice divergent thinking, creative collaboration and being in the moment. If anything will get your creativity kick started this is it.

We recommend:

Improv Theatre Sydney $430 for an 8 week term of Level 1 Improvisation

The Hub Studio $480 for an 8 week term of Improvisation for Professional Actors

Also… after a sell out workshop last month we will be offering another round of Casting & Improv for Auditions workshop in October! Check it out here.

Check in With Yourself

There’s a lot of highs and lows that go with being a creative person. That form of self expression is incredibly vulnerable, which can get exhausting! Our industry in particular can be very unpredictable – one minute you’re run off your feet, the next you’re doing the old “no jobs silent panic”. We strongly believe in taking care of numero uno – you can’t expect creative brilliance when you’re completely run down. There are some great self-care services out there – whether it’s therapy, a meditation class or learning how to “get your shit together”.  

We recommend:

Tara Brach FREE Seriously useful guided meditations

The Indigo Project Starting at $80.20 (with Medicare Rebate) for a Therapy Session

Do Something Random

So you’ve got writer’s block? Take a dance class. In an acting rut? Try painting. You catch our drift? Reading scripts you’re not currently working on can also be a great way to get inspired. Go see a theatre show you don’t know anything about! Sometimes doing something very different to your usual gig can be the key to keeping things interesting for yourself. Plus it’s fun. And y’all don’t have enough fun.

We Recommend:

Groove Therapy $20

KXT, New Theatre, Old 505 - You can get theatre tix for around $20


Let’s get honest here – we used to dread networking! It can be so awkward! Who do you talk to? What do you say? How do you network without sounding cheesy or self obsessed? It can feel a lot easier to stay in your current bubble of people, but that won’t really help if you’re feeling particularly creatively stale. Meeting new people can really help you out of a rut, so just remember, no matter how confident everyone looks at ‘networking events’ we all want to steal the cheese plate and find a quiet spot to ourselves with a glass of wine.

 We recommend:

Business Chicks $199 for a yearly Premium membership

Women in Telly (Facebook Group) $FREE

Give Yourself a Break

Sometimes going through a creative “dry spell” can be a good thing. Don’t waste your energy trying to fight it, try embracing the pause and give yourself a well deserved rest.

Remember - your self worth isn’t measured by your productivity.  

Laura HartComment