George Saada

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"Having worked with Stephanie and Alison for 8 years now, I would recommend them for any casting job, big or small. Alison and Stephanie understand their clients and their casting needs, being able to provide brilliant cast again and again. 

Their knowledge of actors and their creative ability to think out of the box is what often gives your production that extra edge. 

Their professionalism, efficiency and love of what they do keeps you coming back again and again. Every time I work with them is a truly wonderful experience, they’re efficient, organised, amazing eye for detail with their fingers on the pulse. Always!”

Pamela Kaplan

PK Casting, San Francisco

" I have been a casting director from the U.S. for over 30 years. Luckily, Chicken and Chips was recommended to me as I was casting a  worldwide project. Stephanie, Alison and their team did a wonderful job of pulling together several terrific casting sessions for me. It was a large brief with all sorts of ethnicities, accents and ages. They were spot on, and brought in great talent. They would be my first call for another project!"

Peter Bloomfield

Director, Ogilvy X

Chicken and Chips have done all my casting since their inception and I have never been less than thrilled. In a nutshell, I always get actors who fulfill the promise of the character on the page. There’s no such thing as an initial cattle call with Al and Steph, their first offering is always a collection of actors capable of handling the part, each coming with a slightly unique spin on the role. We’ve cast a variety of parts from serious drama to comedy for a list of demanding international and government clients, and on every job the cast has been approved first time and applauded in the edit.

Victoria Wharfe Mcintyre

Director, The Flood

Stephanie and Alison are a delight to work with as a director. They understood the layers of the script and what I was seeking in terms of look, energy, ability and style. This is because they are great communicators, really listening to what I was looking for and enhancing my own vision with their thoughts and feelings on the material. On a personal note they are charming, committed and such a pleasure to work with. Can’t thank them enough for all they brought to the table on MIRO.

Linzee Harris


“I couldn’t possibly recommend Chicken & Chips any more - their eye for talent and ability to deliver made my job a lot easier. They are hard working, attentive and devoted to their projects.”