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About Chicken & Chips Casting

Interesting People Interest Audiences

Chicken and Chips Casting are a one-stop shop, full service, boots on the ground Casting team. We pump great Aussie talent into inspired TV, Film, Commercial and Online projects. We work with some of the world’s leading directors, Australia’s best advertising agencies and production companies and our credits span across all formats of entertainment. 

We’re most proud of the work we’ve done for local TV and Film projects, many of which are now airing across the US and the globe.

C&C HQ is based in our light-filled, beachside studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, with a wall mural we are particularly proud of! With studio spaces that span across the East Coast of Australia, we cast all formats of projects between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our credits list also boasts a knack for street casting talent Australia wide.

Casting directors Alison Fowler and Stephanie Pringle won B&T’s 30 under 30 Award in 2018 and lead a talented team that boast skills in improvisation, acting, directing, producing and editing.

Our passion lies in becoming the most innovative and collaborative casting directors. We pride ourselves on having a nurturing and welcoming casting studio and believe this contributes to delivering the best performances. 

In 2018, Chicken and Chips Casting became the first Australian Casting Office to implement a paperless check in system - goodbye pesky paper wardrobe forms, hello streamlined digital session logs.

We are also proud advocates for diversity, inclusion and representation in casting and currently strive to be Australia’s most inclusive casting directors, constantly collaborating and aligning ourselves with other game-changers.

Chicken and Chips are currently developing a number of Film and TV projects with production slated for 2019 and 2020.

So who’s who at Chicken and Chips? Keep scrolling...

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alison fowler

Al is an ex-advertising suit, and is immensely familiar with the advertising world and #agencylife. Whilst it turns out advertising wasn’t her jam, her passion for casting originated from earlier years in front of the camera as an actress.

Now, as one of Australia’s emerging casting directors, Al gets a kick out of discovering & casting unsurfaced talent. Launching Chicken and Chips became her platform for advocating for change and diversification within the casting industry and for future female entrepreneurs. So much so she now proudly displays her 2018 B&T 30 Under 30 Award for the Entrepreneur category at CnC HQ.

Mother to 7 month old daughter, Riley, she also hopes to be an advocate for the working mum juggle. Outside of this Disney, Harry Potter and living Peter Pan Syndrome is real life. When she decides to somewhat adult, she’s also reading up on nutrition and organic living and practising the ukulele.

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stephanie pringle

Steph is an ex-ballerina and production assistant. Her love for the behind-the-scenes world of entertainment has led her to a long career in casting.

Over the years, Steph has built a solid reputation in the Screen industry as being one of the country’s most promising Casting Directors.

Her ambitious nature and drive led her to win the Entrepreneur category for the 2018 B&T 30 under 30 awards. She is a passionate advocate for inclusive casting and representation on screen and has a knack for discovering emerging young talent.

When not casting, she can be found talking about casting, watching films with great casting, listening to jazz music or dancing with her 2 year old daughter, Ziggy.

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laura hart

Casting Associate
Since graduating with her Bachelor of Arts/Communications, Laura has worked in the Entertainment Industry as a performer, with talent agencies, and now in casting. Her area of expertise is working with kids, long form improvisation and comedy - if you’re looking for a killer comedic performance from both known or undiscovered talent she’s your gal!

She is also passionate about the not for profit sector, and has worked creatively with a bunch of organisations including The Starlight Children's Foundation, Camp Quality & Milkcrate Theatre.

She was a 2017 Young Social Pioneer with the Foundation for Young Australian’s - developing and sharing her improv comedy program for people with anxiety.

When she's not in the C&C office with her pooch Juno, she's teaching comedic improv classes or making bad jokes. 

hannah darkling

Casting Assistant
Hannah is a screen writer and freelance script editor, graduating from AFTRS in both 2017 and 2018. She is passionate about facilitating screen stories that feature loveably messy women and highlight the outrageous moments in everyday life.

In her spare time Hannah runs a lifestyle website for women, connecting a community of like-minded women who want to beat their own drum. She is hoping to engage with and inspire the next generation of creators.

She can usually be found under a blanket eating chicken nuggets and catching up on the latest Netflix series.

Meet our incredibly talented extended family of freelancers…

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sophie hawkshaw

Sophie is a writer, director and actor. She started acting at 13 and jumped to the other side of the camera while studying Media Arts and Production at UTS. Sophie’s graduation major work ‘Fenced’ played in festivals across Australia and won the 2017 AACTA Award for Best Drama Social Short. Recently, her latest film ‘Monsters’ premiered at Flickerfest in competition. Sophie plays the lead in Monica Zanetti’s feature ‘Ellie, Abbie (And Ellie’s Dead Aunt)’.

She is passionate about reframing important stories onscreen to motivate and impact audiences to care about real world issues. When she’s not hanging out at C&C, Sophie can be found working as a freelance director’s assistant, tutoring filmmaking at Bus Stop Films or tending to her indoor jungle of house plants.

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nick wright

As a working actor Nick has spent a lot of time walking in and out of audition rooms and the ones where he is smiling afterwards are almost always the castings where the director in the room has joined him in play. Nick directs his casting sessions the same way. He loves finding the difference maker or spark in an actor that brings the energy of the room alive. 

“If you prepare, we can share…” Is not something he has ever said until writing this bio, but he stands by it!

When not in the studio, Nick is found at the drawing board of when his next film project is starting to take shape.

Keep creating people!

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karina banno

Karina Banno has over 10 years of experience as an actor. Her acting credits include 2018 Sydney Film Festival winner for Best Live Action Short Film 'Second Best', and ABC’s special event drama ‘The Easybeats’ in 2017. Karina will be appearing in SONY Pictures Television’s ‘Reckoning’ and 2018 AACTA Best Comedy Series, ‘The Let Down’.

She has also directed short films & a web series, where she was able to utilise her strengths as an actor when working with her cast.

Karina has always had a passion for the audition experience and this passion is what she brings in to the casting space at Chicken & Chips.

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